Handpads are versatile, general purpose tools that are used for a wide variety of manual applications such as grinding and polishing of glass, ceramics, stone, porcelain or composites. They are often used dry, but if using resin pads to obtain a more polished finish, they must be used wet, - plain water is usually perfectly ok. Diamond hand pads are made with a surface coated in industrial-grade diamonds, which are much harder than the materials they are designed to work with. The diamonds provide a high level of abrasion, allowing the hand pads to quickly and effectively smooth and polish rough or uneven surfaces. Diamond hand pads come in a range of grits, from coarse to fine, which determines the level of abrasion they provide. Coarse grits are used for heavy grinding and smoothing, while finer grits are used for polishing and honing the surface to a high shine.

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