CNC (Computer Numerical Control) diamond core drill bits are specialized drilling tools that are designed for use with CNC machines for drills of glass. These drill bits are used in the manufacturing and fabrication industries, where precision drilling in hard materials is required with the use of CNC machinery for automated and controlled drilling operations. CNC diamond core drill bits are typically made with high-quality industrial diamonds that are bonded to the drill bit's cutting edge. These diamonds provide excellent cutting performance and durability, making them suitable for drilling through hard materials such as granite, marble, ceramic, and engineered stone. CNC diamond core drill bits are available in various diameters and lengths, allowing for precise hole drilling according to the specifications of the CNC program. They are typically used with CNC machines that have a high spindle speed and feed rate to achieve fast and accurate drilling results. Using CNC diamond core drill bits can provide several advantages, including increased drilling speed, improved accuracy, and reduced labor costs compared to manual drilling methods. Can be made in a length 69, 75 or 89 mm with a G 1/2 thread or straight shank. Wall thickness is 0,8 mm. Cooling by water or emulsion is required.

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