Applications of metal bonded wheels are unlimited. In addition to glass grinding, applications have extended to grinding and sharpening carbide tipped saws, ferrite, jewellry, ceramic, tungsten carbide, auto-parts, quartz, stone, and etc. Special metal-bonded diamond wheels were invented to grind and shape various kinds of glass. These tools are designed to effectively and effeiciently grind glass for uses such as auto-glass, architectural glass, optical glass, decorative glass, and etc.


Resin-bonded wheels are produced from through the curing process of bonding diamond powder (coated or uncoated) or CBN abrasives, with inorganic fillers, and using resins as a binders, such as phenol and polyimide. Resin-bonded tools are used for grinding super alloys, cermet, ceramic, glass, ferrite, high-speed steel, tool alloys, and many other ultra-hard materials.


Vitrified bond (ceramic bond) is extremely hard, yet free cutting, and combines the better characteristics of both resin and metal bond. It provides a longer tool life, effective grinding and high productivity to provide maximum performance with minimum maintenance. Wheels are durable with extended lifetime and be self-truing and self-dressing.

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