Dias Turnov, s.r.o. is a leading manufacturer of diamond discs with metal and resin bonds, diamond blades, drills, bearing technical stones, and machines for surface grinding and polishing. The company's products have a long tradition (since 1945), are characterized by precision, high and consistent quality, and an excellent reputation in foreign markets. The company's main production includes:

• Diamond tools

• Technical stones

• Machinery production and metalworking

The production of technical stones was introduced in Turnov after 1930 by combining smaller grinding shops. After 1945, the company underwent many organizational changes, including nationalization in 1948, until the name DIAS was introduced, derived from the processed diamonds, agates, and sapphires. In 1959, the production of diamond tools was introduced, primarily for the glass industry. The company's products have a long tradition, are characterized by precision, high quality, and a good reputation in Czech and foreign markets. In addition to a whole range of traditional European glassmaking countries, they are exported in large quantities to countries such as Japan, Australia, Peru, Vietnam, and others. The company has a permanent presence in Japan and the USA. The former state enterprise Dias became a private company in 1993 and was renamed Dias Turnov, s.r.o.

As the first Czechoslovak company, it started developing technical ceramics, where it achieved great success, for example, in developing ceramic joints. The ceramic division was acquired by the French corporation Saint Gobain in 1999.

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