Radius diamond wheels 1F1 and 1FF1 are types of grinding wheels that are commonly used for shaping and grinding glass and ceramics. The "1F1" and "1FF1" refer to the shape of the wheel, with the former being a flat wheel and the latter being a cup-shaped wheel. These wheels are composed of a metal or resin-based disc that is coated with industrial-grade diamonds, which serve as cutting edges for grinding and shaping the glass or ceramics. The radius shape of the wheels allows for precise grinding of curved surfaces and edges. When using a radius diamond wheel for glass or ceramics, it is important to use water or a coolant to prevent overheating and cracking of the material. Additionally, the choice of grit size will depend on the application and desired finish, with coarser grits being used for rough grinding and finer grits for polishing. Overall, radius diamond wheels 1F1 and 1FF1 are essential tools in the glass and ceramics industry for achieving precise and accurate shapes and finishes on curved surfaces and edges. Standard surface of the radius wheels can be made with a grooves as shown on the bellow drawing.

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