Diamond Floor Grinding Pads are special tools used for grinding and smoothing concrete floors and other hard surfaces. These pads are mainly used by professional floor installers and concrete grinders to smooth out uneven or damaged concrete floors. The pads are coated with a surface of industrial-grade diamonds, which are much harder than the concrete they are designed to work on. The diamonds provide a high level of abrasion, allowing the pads to quickly and effectively grind and smooth through the concrete. Diamond Floor Grinding Pads come in different grits, ranging from coarse to fine, which determines the level of abrasion they provide. Coarser grits are used for grinding concrete surfaces, while finer grits are used for polishing and honing the surface to a high shine. These pads are typically used with special floor grinding machines, which are cooled with water to reduce dust and increase the lifespan of the pads. Diamond Floor Grinding Pads are an essential component in preparing concrete floors for coatings or surface finishes.

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