1A1 diamond wheels are a type of diamond grinding wheel that have a flat shape with a narrow edge. The "1A1" designation indicates the wheel's shape, which is flat and circular with no recesses or holes. These wheels are commonly used for precision grinding, cutting, and shaping of hard and brittle materials such as carbide, ceramics, glass, and stone. The diamond abrasive used in 1A1 diamond wheels is typically synthetic and bonded to the wheel's surface with a metal, resin, or vitrified bond. The diamond grit size and concentration can vary depending on the application, with finer grit sizes used for finishing and coarser grit sizes used for roughing or stock removal. 1A1 diamond wheels can be used with a variety of grinding machines, including surface grinders, tool and cutter grinders, and cylindrical grinders. They are commonly used in industries such as glass, ceramics, aerospace, automotive, and tool and die making.

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